Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Successful VBAC

How exciting to see another couple enjoy the fulfillment of their desires to have a vaginal birth after cesarean! Today, I witness a beautiful natural birth. The birth mother's first labor was 52 hours and ended in c-section. This time the parents prayed, educated themselves and prepared for the birth of their second child. This time the labor was less than 11 hours long and mom gave birth with absolutely no problems. I know that it doesn't always go this way, but how exciting to know that it can.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike and First Birth Ministries

I want to thank many of you who have texted, emailed or called to see if I was ok. Yes, I am doing very well. I rode the storm out with eight of my children and held my precious, Michael Samuel in my arms through most of the hurricane. I felt blessed of the Lord to have almost my entire family with me. It was more like a slumber party, eating , laughing, etc. Of course, the sober time came and all I knew to do was deposit my faith in the Lord that we would make it. Because of Michael Samuel's needs, I enjoyed air conditioning, refrigerator and tv during the storm as we rode it out in Pearland. There was tree damage on the property but all was well afterwards. By Sunday night my electricity, internet and Comcast was back on in Friendswood. Even now most areas are still out in my area. God is good.As I left my apt., I had prayed specifically for the tall pine tree and the utility pole that could easily fall on my apt. The first thing that I noticed in driving back is that they were still standing, but the tree a few feet over had fallen within inches on the apt. next door to mine. This was another proof to me that God hears our specific prayers.One of our FBM babies was born the morning the hurricane was leaving us. This mother wisely checked into the hospital the night before when she felt like she might be in labor. This was an extremely high risk situation and God was good to protect this little guy and bring him safely into the world.Another answered prayer was that all the computers and equipment for both FBM and GHT were completely protected. I am so thankful and am available to help any expectant couple that now needs my help. Love to you all and thank you so much for loving me and praying for me and this ministry.P.S. I was in labor myself at this very hour 38 yrs. ago. I was begging for the epidural and (you'll love this) I was only 2 cm.!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Making Plans for a VBAC

This week I met a lovely couple who desires to have a vaginal birth after c-section, a "VBAC". I was very impressed with how soberly the couple was approaching this decision. The couple had pulled the hospital medical records from the previous labor which ended in a c-section delivery. In reviewing the records, they discovered that the reasons given for to surgery did not match what was actually documented. They have now taken the time to interview physicians, midwives, and doulas to prepare for her second child's birth.
It is wonderful to see that this couple understands that this should not be simply an emotional decision. Making plans for a "VBAC" should include research and a clear understanding of the patient's past medical and labor history.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Each year I have the priviledge of sharing with couples, the miraculous birth of their babies. Recently, I attended the labor and delivery of two babies born "VBAC". A "VBAC" is a vaginal birth after c-section. We are finding fewer physicians who will allow their patients to deliver vaginally after c-sections. Many times circumstances require surgery to ensure that both mom and baby are safe. Some couples feel that their previous c-sections may not have been necessary. Either way, women often have a desire to birth future babies without surgery. This often means spending time and energy to search for physicians who will give them a chance to deliver without surgery. Couples can be easily discouraged as some hospitals do not offer "VBAC" deliveries. Sometimes, a doctor is found only to discover that their insurance plan is not covered with that medical group. Also, sometimes the doctors who take "call" for a physician who does offer vaginal birth after cesearian will refuse to do the "VBAC". It is important that couples do the research to be certain that they are not "turned down" for the "VBAC" at the time of labor.

I applaud couples who presevere and find good, qualified physicians who will give them a chance to experience natural childbirth. First Birth Ministries has helped to prepare two such couples this year already.